Fascia Workshop


Fascia Workshop

New date in January 2023

You are interested in my fascia workshop

Fascia Yoga combines fascia training with yoga elements. A lot is stretched and rolled – for a strong connective tissue, more flexibility and muscle strength. Fascia yoga is a full-body workout for more flexibility and strength.

Objectives of the workshop:

  • Blood circulation is promoted. The body can be better supplied with important nutrients and oxygen and metabolic end products can be removed.
  • The more flexible your fascia, the more mobile and stable you are. Your posture is improved, joint complaints and back pain can be avoided, muscular imbalances are balanced and tensions are released.
  • The fascial connective tissue is responsible for the performance of your muscles. If the fascia is long, you can train your muscles more specifically and your strength is better transferred to your musculoskeletal system.
  • Your muscles can regenerate faster and are less susceptible to injury.

==> The workshop is suitable for all levels.

This workshop gives an insight into current fascia research. In addition to a variety of new impulses that you can use in your sporting practice , we will do very specific exercises that you can take over in your training to train your fascia.

Together we look at how fascia is structured. Furthermore, I will show you what makes fascia felt and harden and to which stimuli fascia reacts and adapts. You will be carried by your breathing to explore completely new body spaces. Together with movements, tones and sounds – which make your tissues vibrate – we will ideally address and stimulate all fascia receptors.

In addition, we get to know the myofascial pathways and trigger points of your body and how these can be safely processed with aids.

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