Fascia Workshops 2020

Fascia Workshop

Fascias have been on everyone’s for some time. You have certainly heard how important it is to train your fascia. Especially for the training success of runners and climbers, an optimal fascia training is crucial. There are also special “devices” that some have already tried….Aua – that hurts!

Yoga & Fascia

Sunday – 26. January 2020 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ASZ-THalkirchen

This 5-hour workshop gives you an insight into current fascia research. In addition to a variety of new impulses that you can use in your sports practice, we will also do very specific exercises that you can take into your training to train your fascia.

We look together at how fascias are structured. Furthermore, I will show you what makes fascias matted and hardened and react to stimuli fascia swords and adapt. You will be carried by your breathing to explore completely new body spaces. Together with movements, sounds and sounds – which make our tissues vibrate, we will ideally address and stimulate all fascia receptors.

In addition, we get to know the myofascial pathways and trigger points of our body and how these can be processed safely with aids.


  • Basic knowledge of fascia anatomy and physiology
  • Latest findings of fascia research
  • Basic principles of fascia training
  • Understand the different access routes to address fascia
Cost 95,- € – incl. myofacial Tool

Registration and questions at any time at post(at)danke-yoga.de or by phone +49 171 40 80 191

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