Personal Yoga Training

"Not human beings should adapt to yoga, yoga has to adapt to man!" (to T.Krishnamacharya)

Yoga according to your needs – Individual & Effective

More and more health-conscious people are affording this most individual type of yoga. If you want to set high standards and achieve success, if you want to be sure to train properly, if you have trouble motivating yourself, »Personal Yoga Training" is perfect for you. As your personal yoga teacher, I make sure that your training goals are realistic. The program is put together individually for your needs.

You determine the place and time of your yoga class.

Relaxed at your home, we will together check your needs and based on this, I create a holistic concept for you. With yoga lessons that are individually tailored to your needs. The hours will help you rediscover your innermost self. Your life gets a whole new quality. Try it!

My kind as your personal yoga teacher »Passion Yoga»

Passionate, devoted and surprisingly sporty. For me, it is important to get yoga out of the "esoteric corner" and to make the wholeness experienceable even for less spiritually interested people. "Passion Yoga" is an attentive, modern and powerful yoga practice that reconciles body, mind and soul. A yoga for people who want to move and experience, combining effective exercises from different yoga directions, to increase physical and mental well-being. Yoga as a personal training is a gentle sport with a strong effect.

Recovered flexibility and body awareness are just some of the results of Passion Yoga. By combining movements and breathing, you come back into contact with yourself – inner serenity sets in. "Passion Yoga" means feeling yourself attentively again, touching one's own boundaries and always shifting them a little further. Effort and level of difficulty are individually adapted to you – whether beginner, recreational athlete or senior.

Build strength, reduce weight or support your recovery after an illness. Gain more mobility or flexibility, but allow yourself a few yoga lessons. With my personal hours in Munich I offer you a gentle sport with a strong effect.

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